Bearing Internal Grinding Machine

Bearing Internal Grinding Machine
Product Details

Bearing Internal Grinding Machine

Technical Parameter

Multi Spindle Grinding Machines Tool Main Specification Parameter

Grinding scope of internal diameter


Max. Grinding depth of internal hole


Max. rotation diameter of work piece (inside the   shell)


Max. rotation diameter of work piece (outside the   shell)


Servo motor power of X axis


Servo motor resolution of X axis


Max. stroke of X axis


Feeding speed of X axis


Servo motor power of Z axis


Servo Motor resolution of Z axis


Max. Stroke of Z axis


Max. motion speed of Z axis


Working accuracy (standard grinding specimen)

Roundness of inner hole


Cylindricity of inner hole


Roughness of the Internal surface


Working environment of 2-axis grinding machine tool


380V±10%, 50Hz±2%, Three-phase

ambient temperature


relative humidity


Equipment noise in working condition


Technical Performance and Overall Structure of Automatic Grinding Machine Tool

1.The machine tool is a CNC internal grinding machine with two axis, internal grinding cycle are completed automatically (including automatic feeding, automatic grinding, automatic truing the grinding wheel, auto-compensation), two axis linkage. At the same time, it can grind the large or small inner hole, inner conic hole, both internal and external end surface.

2.The machine bed is formed of wear-resistant cast iron. It has good thermal stability and strong rigidity.

3.The machine adopts closed casing, observation windows use open mesh cover with organic glass structure, to prevent injury on others because of splashing after wheel broken.

4.The machine tool is fixed by the headstock, fed by grinding rack and reciprocating by the worktable. The worktable is composed of feeding slide plate, grinding tool seat, grinding wheel shaft and so on. The headstock (work piece box) is composed of a bridge plate, slide plate, spindle box, fixture etc..

5.Postposition knapsack mist electric box and preposition rotating operation desk.

Work Piece Spindle

1.The main shaft of the work piece adopts the spindle structure supported by rolling bearings, which has high rotary accuracy, convenient adjustment and large bearing capacity.

2.The front and back ends of the main spindle all adopt diagonal contact bearings, so as to improve the rotary accuracy of the spindle.

3.Work piece spindle rotation can be stepless speed regulation. Coarse grinding, fine grinding can be sub file adjusted in the NC process by the frequency converter driving the motor speed change, in case to meet the actual processing requirements of internal grinding.

4.The machine tool clamping uses three jaw self centering chuck or four jaw chuck, also can equipped with hydraulic clamp according to the customer demand.

Feed Shaft System (X Axis)

1.The feed mechanism guide adopts high precision linear guide rail to improve the movement precision, sensitivity and rigidity of the feed shaft of the machine tool.

2.The digital control servo motor drives the ball screw directly through the non-backlash coupling, and realizes the gapless and highly sensitive linear motion.

3.The guide rail and the lead screw are all equipped with protective devices to ensure the accuracy and life of the machine tools.

Reciprocating Shaft System (Z Axis)

1.The worktable rail adopts high precision linear rolling guide rail to ensure the accuracy and sensitivity of the reciprocating motion of the machine tool.

2.The digital control servo motor drives the ball screw through the coupling and realizes the reciprocating motion of the work table.

Multi Axis Grinding Machine Other Projects

1.External circle trimming of the ordinary grinding wheel uses the diamond single point trimmer pen, and the diamond grinding wheel is trimmed by diamond roller. It can be automatically trimmed and self-compensation, and the amount of truing and finishing can be remembered.

2.The color of machine tools can be matched according to user's requirements.

3.Plant and power requirements: power supply 380V±10%. Three cases, five lines, frequency 50±2Hz, compressed air 0.4-0.6Mpa, ambient temperature 5-45℃.

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