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Working principle of the grinder cooling system

May 31, 2020

The cooling system of the machine tool uses QL6a2-100 paper belt filter. The cooling water tank of this paper magnetic separator structure is used in the occasions with high grinding accuracy requirements.

The volume of the workpiece cooling box is about 350L, the cooling liquid is HM-3 grinding liquid, the ratio of grinding liquid to water is 1:20, the cooling liquid is transported to each cooling position by a high-pressure water pump, and the grinding zone passes the abrasive The cooling liquid flows back to the magnetic separator above the cooling box from the water outlet behind the bed, and the filtered and precipitated cooling liquid flows into the paper for filtering. The coolant produced after the second filtration is used continuously.

The machine tool coolant is divided into three channels: dresser coolant, grinding coolant, and machine tool cooling coolant. The grinding coolant is divided into two parts: the coolant cut by the inner circle and the coolant coolant by the outer circle. Each part can be controlled by solenoid valve or individually.

The electric grinding head cooling system uses a separate cooling water tank with a volume of 140L. The cooling box is placed on the right and right sides of the bed and under the sealer shell. The cooling water is pumped out by the pump and transported to the electric grinding head, and then returns to the water tank through the SL2 switch, continuously circulating. The SL2 switch plays the role of detection and protection. When the SL2 loses power, the grinding head automatically shuts down and stops rotating.