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Workbench and motion characteristics of CNC precision surface grinding machine

May 06, 2019

Workbench for CNC precision surface grinding machine

The working surface of the CNC precision surface grinding machine is mainly made of monolithic granite structure. On the basis of the traditional closed hydrostatic guide rail, a high-rigidity and high-precision large-area closed hydrostatic guide rail is developed to realize the large stroke and smoothness of the worktable. Reliable reciprocating motion. The workbench is driven by SIEMENS linear motor. At the same time, in order to prevent the movement of the linear motor from affecting the table top, a separate static pressure guide rail is specially designed for the linear motor. The motion state of the table is controlled by the HEIDENHAIN grating system, which ensures the high precision and fast response of the table.

The CNC precision surface grinding machine controls the deformation of the machine due to heat, and the columns and beams are made of granite. The lateral displacement slide of the grinding wheel is placed on the fixed beam, and the vertical movement carriage of the mounted wheel frame is placed on the lateral displacement slide. Both lateral displacement and vertical motion are performed by SIEMENS servo motor directly driving high-precision ball screw, HEIDENHAIN grating position feedback. The lateral displacement slide and the guide rail of the vertical motion carriage also use a hydrostatic guide rail. In addition, a micro-feed mechanism is provided on the vertical motion carriage to achieve micro-feeding of the grinding wheel frame of 0.1 μm.