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Why is the inner hole ground by the internal grinder tapered

Jul 25, 2019

The defect that the inner hole is tapered is shown in figure 5-52, which is mainly caused by the fact that the center line of the shaft of the grinding head frame is not parallel to the longitudinal feed direction of the table or the axis line of the grinding wheel is not parallel to the feed direction of the table in the vertical plane. At this time, the grinder needs to be adjusted or repaired. In batch grinding, if the taper of the hole is found in the middle of the grinding, do not adjust the grinder blindly, because the grinding wheel is blunt or grinding clogged, may cause the workpiece hole wall thickness difference is too large, at the same time, there will be thermal expansion inconsistency and cause the inner hole to be tapered. Therefore, measures should be taken after the reasons have been identified.


Fig. 5-52 the inner hole produces conical a) hole left big right small b) hole left small right large