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Why does the roundness of the internal grinders always appear taper?

May 12, 2017

The reasons maybe as follow:
1: machine concentricity is not good
2: workpiece clamping is not good
3: grinding head has worn


M250A performance Stepped hole   internal grinding machine.jpg

The third possibility is greater. The front end of the grinding head is grinded, so it is easy to accour taper
To meet the high demand, change to the grinding head with good quality, or separate the coarse grinding and precission grinding
If the CNC internal grinding machine accours taper, to do some adjustment combined with internal grinder structure.
Generally,we can eliminate the taper of the workpiece by loosening the fastening screws of the internal grinder bracket or adjusting the angle of it.
If the work piece clamping head has a rotary mechanism, it can also be adjusted.
If the work table has a rotary mechanism, it can also be adjusted.
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