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Why do grinding machine for bearing have vibration lines and maintenance requirements?

Apr 21, 2019

Why do grinding machine for bearinghave vibration patterns?

In the process of machining, the grinding machine for bearing has vibration lines. When it is used, it is mainly caused by static balance or dynamic balance. The grinding machine has high machining precision, but the grinding wheel has large grinding wheel and the high-speed rotation produces the center of gravity. Therefore, the dynamic balance of a good grinding wheel is very important, which is caused by vibration during the vibrating grinding process.

There are many reasons why the grinding machine for bearing affects the waviness during use. In the process of operation, it mainly depends on the vibration during the grinding process. The larger the vibration force, the larger the amplitude generated. As the amplitude increases, the waviness value of the waviness also increases, and the waviness value is proportional to the amplitude of the vibrating body.

Grinding machine for bearing mainly produce forced vibration, self-excited vibration and free vibration during the grinding process. Forced vibration accounts for more than 60%, self-excited vibration accounts for about 30%, and the rest is free vibration. Note that there are three dynamic balance blocks on the lower wheel flange. The instrument can accurately tell the balance block placement angle, and it can be quickly lowered by adjusting the vibration several times.

1. After the operation is completed, all parts of the machine, especially the sliding parts, should be cleaned and oiled.

2. Remove grinding debris from all parts of the grinding machine.

3. The necessary parts are rust-proof.

Use the above grinding machine maintenance precautions:

1. Correct the wheel balance before grinding.

2. The grinding wheel must be carefully selected according to the material and hardness of the work.

3. The end of the spindle and the flange of the grinding wheel should be coated with a thin film of oil to prevent rust.

4. Please pay attention to the direction of spindle rotation.

5. Do not use air guns to clean work and machinery.

7. Please pay attention to whether the oil window oil circuit is smooth.

10. Vacuum box, filter steel, please clean once a week.

11. When the suction is weak, please check if the dust suction pipe is clogged with powder.

12. The suction line must be kept clean or it will cause burning.