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Why are cylindrical grinding machines popular with the public

Oct 14, 2019

Because of its wide range of applications, there are many features. Cylindrical grinding machines are mainly used to grind cylindrical and conical inner and outer circular surfaces. It is suitable for processing single and small batch parts such as machining workshop, tool workshop and machine repair workshop.

It can be widely used in the grinding of fine parts in east and west factories, bearing factories, air compressor factories and general machinery manufacturing plants. The domestic market needs strong grinding products, the output value is far from satisfactory, and the low-end is the main.

In the process of operation, with efficient control system and simple operation, such grinders have useful and sophisticated skills, CNC grinding machines with high quality and high precision, low capital and great operational economy.

The surface grinding positioning accuracy and repeatability are high, and it is easy to ensure the consistency of the part size. As long as the process design and procedures are reasonable, correct, and meticulous, the accuracy of the required parts is guaranteed, and the quality control process is also facilitated.

Different clamping and positioning methods are used depending on the material and shape of the workpiece.

On the grinding machine, the machining process tends to concentrate, and it is very important to use the same benchmark. Facilitate the development and modification of new products.

Grinding machines generally do not require a lot of complicated techniques and equipment, and can process complex shapes and high-precision parts through machining programs. When the product is modified, the design is changed, and the design tool is not required, as long as the program is changed. Therefore, the cylindrical grinding machine can greatly shorten the product development cycle and provide a quick way for the development of new products and product improvement.

In NC programming, all points, lines, dimensions, and positions are based on the origin of programming. Surface grinding is able to be clamped on multiple processing surfaces again, usually only first tested, so you can save a lot of intermediate machining time in the middle of the machine, the machining quality of the cylindrical grinding machine parts is stable, bringing convenience to the subsequent process, the comprehensive efficiency is remarkable improve.