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Which special parts of CNC universal grinding machine tools need to be paid attention?

Apr 28, 2017

Which special parts of CNC universal grinding machine tools need to be paid attention?

1: installation and positioning should leave 300mm more place than the largest working space, in front and back of the table should be around the level of less than 0.04/1000mm.  

MS-3 semi-automatic  CNC  CNC gear deep hole internal grinder.jpg

2: the selected wheel must be able to withstand more than 2000m/min of the cycle speed, because if the speed is too low, it is easy to leave traces, but if the speed is too high, the price of the wheel will be much higher.

3: Before installing the grinding wheel, it must be sure that the spindle rotates clockwise.   

4: Hydraulic equipment use the hydraulic oil whose viscosity is No.46. The new machine needs to replace the hydraulic oil after three months, and then replace it every year, oil box needs to be cleaned at the same time.   

MK215  CNC Precision internal Grinding machine.jpg

5: Confirm the amount of lubricating in the oil box every day, ensure it above the lowest line. Check the oil circuit of the guide rail every week to avoid the loss of oil. Oil box cleaning is suggested every three months.   

6: prohibit adjusting the left and right travel during the movement of the table.

7: It’s best to clean the vacuum cleaner’s filter screen once every two weeks, To inspect and removal timely as soon as cooling water pollution occurs.

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