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Which one is better? Servo motor or Converter motor?

Apr 20, 2017

Which one is better? Servo motor or Converter motor?


In short, servo is a closed-loop control system, the inverter usually works in open-loop control, so in terms of speed and accuracy, the latter can not be compared with the servo motor.

In fact, the frequency conversion is only a part of the servo, the servo does the closed-loop and accurate control based on the frequency conversion, to achieve a more accurate results. 


Briefly, the inverter mainly controls the motor speed. Servo not only can control the speed, but also control the position and movement, the moment of force, positioning, so as to achieve accuracy, stability, the machine won’t crash because of the frequency conversion . The servo not only can achieve the above functions, but also produces a closed loop system, so as to avoid the radiation. Inverter will produce a lot of heat during the frequency conversion processing, resulting in the improvement of temperature and sound, but the servo system will not lead to such consequences. Therefore, the servo system to achieve the effect which  converter motor can not compare with.

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