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What kind of guide rail does your grinding machine tool adopt

Dec 13, 2018

Linear guides are used in linear reciprocating motion occasions. The rated load is relatively high, and they can also bear a certain amount of torque. Linear motion guides can be divided into sliding friction guides, rolling friction guides, elastic friction guides, fluid friction guides and other types, which are used in high precision automation machinery.

Hydrostatic guide rail, the lubricating oil with a certain pressure is input into the oil chamber on the guide rail surface through the throttle, and then the bearing oil film is formed, which makes the surface of the guide rail in a pure liquid friction state. Advantages: the change of rail speed has little effect on the oil film thickness; the change of load has little effect on the oil film thickness; the friction coefficient of liquid rubbing is only about 0.005, and the oil film has good anti-vibration performance. Disadvantages: the structure of the guide is complex; a set of oil supply system needs to be added; and the cleanliness of lubricating oil is highly demanded. Main applications: precision machine tool feed motion and low-speed motion guide.