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What is the scope of use of cylindrical grinders?

Dec 10, 2020

Cylindrical grinding machine is mainly used for precision grinding of the end face, outer circle and conical surface of batches of shaft parts. It is the main equipment of automobile engine and other industries. It is also suitable for the processing of shaft parts with small batches and high precision requirements in general precision machining workshops. Used in textile spinning industry, coarse spinning frame, draw frame, combing machine, texturing machine and other top roller processing. Used in the production and manufacturing of office communication equipment industry, copier, printer, plotter and other top roller processing. It is suitable for the top roller of automatic conveying device in printing, food and medicine industry, and plastic processing.

The grinding machine takes two top centers as the center and a grinding wheel as a tool to grind cylindrical steel parts into a precise concentricity grinding machine. The host is composed of bed, head, tail, grinding head, transmission dust collector and other components. The head, the grinding head can be rotated, the special fixture for grinding the thimble and the chamfering of the top roller, the dynamic balance frame, and the top roller detector are three parts ordered by the customer.