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What is the difference between the wire rail and hard rail of the CNC machine tools?

Apr 19, 2017

What is the difference between the wire rail and hard rail of the CNC machine tools?

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Both the hard rail and the wire rail are the linear motion in the machine tool, such as the movement of the worktable, the reciprocating of the spindle box, etc..

Wire rail usually refers to the reciprocating guide, often called this kind of components as "linear guide", linear guide itself is divided into two parts: slide and slider. The wire rail is rolling friction, high speed, small resistance, lubrication is also convenient, now more and more usage of wire rail in the machine tool industry, however, more imported top-end machine tools still prefer hard rail, as well as the domestic processing center of the regular brand.

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Hard rail is sliding friction, good rigidity, strong bearing capacity. Large friction, large inertia, high strength, and now generally used in the economy and heavy-duty CNC machine tools. The wire rail is now used in CNC milling machine and multi axis machining center. Small friction force and inertia with high sensitive. Generally through multiple sets of press plate fixed on the bench, easy to install and adjust, but the strength is not as good as hard rail. May bend in heavy-duty machining.

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