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What is the difference between an internal grinder and a cylindrical grinder?

Jan 29, 2018

The internal grinding machine is mainly used for grinding the inner hole surface and its end surface of cylindrical, conical or other shape lines.

The cylindrical, conical or other shape of the workpiece, the surface of the inner hole and its end surface grinding machine.Internal grinding machine is divided into ordinary internal grinding machine, inner circle grinding machine, centerless internal grinding machine, coordinate grinder and special purpose internal grinder.According to the sand wheel shaft configuration, the internal grinder has horizontal and vertical.

(1) general

Installed in the head of the chuck on the spindle clamping work-piece to round week movement, workbench drives the grinding wheel rack along the lathe bed guide rail (see machine tool guideway) as a vertical reciprocating motion, head along the sliding saddle on transverse feed movement (see machine);The head frame can also be rotated around the vertical shaft to a certain Angle to grind the taper hole.

(2) the planet

Workpiece stationary at work, grinding wheel except itself axis high speed rotate around the axis of rotation of the hole processed, also to realize circular week, it is suitable for grinding large workpiece or unfavorable rotate artifacts such as internal combustion engine cylinder block, etc.

(3) Centerless

When working, the outer circle of the workpiece is supported on the roller or supporting block. The workpiece ends are sucked up by the magnetic chuck and the rotation is driven, but it is slightly adjustable to ensure the concentricity of the inner and outer circle.The grinding wheel speed of the round grinding machine in small size is up to a maximum of 100,000 revolutions per minute.The inner circular grinding machine used in mass production requires high degree of automation. In grinding process, the size can be automatically controlled by the plug gauge or micrometer.

Cylindrical grinding machine is a cylindrical, conical shape or other shape of the surface of the surface and the axial shoulder surface grinding machine;Use the most extensive, can process various cylindrical conical surface and axial shoulder surface grinding machine.

The main engine is composed of bed, locomotive, tail, grinding head, and transmission suction device.The head, grinding head can turn Angle, used to repair grinding thimble and roller chamfer use special jig.

The external cylindrical grinding machine is composed of the machine body, the head, the rear, the grinding head and the transmission suction device.Head, grinding head can be turned Angle, used for grinding thimble and roller chamfering with special jig, dynamic balance frame, roller detector three parts are ordered by customers.