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What is the daily maintenance of the grinder

Jul 12, 2020

Daily maintenance of the grinder and regular maintenance every year and adjustment of recovery accuracy can increase the reliability of the grinder and extend the service life of the grinder. There are mainly the following aspects:

  1. Important lubrication point inspection-the oil level of the oil tank must be on the center line of the oil level indicator. If there is any change, it should be filled or pumped immediately. Check several times a day and change the oil as required to ensure stability. Clean the grinder regularly to prevent dust accumulation.

  2. Lubrication of guide rails and tows-high frequency of use requires active maintenance. Only the oil listed in the lubricant list can be used.

  3. Lubrication check of grinding wheel guide rail and carriage guide rail-active maintenance and timely troubleshooting.

  4. Lubrication inspection of the guide rail of the measuring device-the lubrication should be checked regularly.

  5. Lubrication and soft landing device lubrication of the center frame supporting bearing-the roller neck and supporting bearing need to be cleaned before installing the roller. And use high-grade grease for lubrication and keep the soft landing device clean to reduce wear.

  6. Tailstock guide rail lubrication-The tailstock guide rail and internal transmission pair are lubricated by a special lubrication system. Each time the tailstock is started, it will be automatically lubricated, and the lubrication situation should be checked regularly.

  7. Oil supply and inspection of the spindle bearing of the grinding wheel-the throttles of different oil chambers must not be exchanged with each other, otherwise a serious accident will occur.

  8. Oil Change-Changing oil on time can extend the life of the machine. The machine must be pumped for the first time after three months of operation. In the future, regular inspections are required to prevent excessive dirt in the oil.