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What is a general grinding machine and its type and safe operating procedures

Mar 25, 2019

Ordinary grinding machine, which is an ordinary grinding machine, does not specifically refer to which type of grinding machine. Because it has a wide range of applications, it needs to have a certain understanding and understanding so that it can correctly understand the product and avoid misconceptions. At the same time, know how to make it reasonable. use.


What is a general grinding machine? If the question is answered from a professional point of view, it is:

Ordinary grinding machines, that is, a machine tool that grinds the surface of a workpiece with a grinding tool, most of which are ground using a high-speed rotating grinding wheel, and a few are grinding with other abrasive tools such as oil stone, abrasive belt and free abrasive. Cutting. In the grinding object, it can be a material with high hardness, such as hardened steel, hard alloy, etc., or brittle materials such as glass and granite.


1. What are the specific types of ordinary grinding machines?

Cylindrical grinding machines: a common and common type used primarily to grind cylindrical and conical outer surfaces.

Internal grinding machine: It is also a common and common type of grinding machine, mainly used to grind cylindrical and conical inner surfaces.

Centerless Grinding Machine: The workpiece is centerlessly clamped. The support is between the introduction and the bracket. The workpiece is rotated by the guide wheel to grind the cylindrical surface.

Coordinate grinding machine: It is an internal grinding machine with coordinate positioning device.

Surface grinder: used to grind the workpiece plane.

Abrasive belt grinding machine: grinding with fast moving abrasive belt.

Rail grinding machine: used to grind the machine guide surface.

Tool Grinding Machine: used to grind tools.

Multi-purpose grinding machine: it can be used to grind cylindrical and conical inner and outer surfaces, and it can be used to grind the plane. In addition, a variety of workpieces can be ground with the follower and accessories.

Face Grinding Machine: used to grind the gear end face.

Special grinding machine: grinding for certain types of parts.


2. Safety operation procedures for ordinary grinding machines

(1) Safety devices must be installed on the grinding machine to ensure safe operation of operators and operations. In addition, operators should follow their operating procedures to avoid improper or incorrect operation. When using a grinding machine, you should concentrate on your mind and not be distracted. You can't do things that are not related to work.

(2) The equipment should be thoroughly and carefully inspected before driving, including the important parts such as the operating mechanism, electrical equipment and magnetic suction cups. The equipment can be lubricated after checking all the problems, and then the test is carried out. After the test, there is no problem. start working.

(3) When loading the workpiece, pay attention to the card being positive and tight, and there must be no looseness. When starting work, the grinding wheel should be slowly approached to the workpiece. The feed rate should not be too large and the force should not be too strong to prevent the grinding wheel from colliding.