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What does interpolation mean in CNC grinding machines?

Jul 19, 2017

In CNC grinding machine, the tool can not strictly follow the requirements of the curve movement, and can only use the curve line approach the curve to be processed.
Interpolation is the process of determining the movement path of a grinding tool according to a certain method. It can also be said that the intermediate point between given points in the curve line can be calculated according to some algorithms and it is also called "densification of data points"".
The numerical control device make the space between the starting point and end point of partial program data density according to the input information of the parts program, thus forming required contour, this "data density" function is called interpolation".


                                                         MK2110 NC grinding

The interpolation calculation is describing the contour shape of the work through the calculation of the numerical control device according to the basic data input, give a feed pulse as per the calculation results while calculating. A pulse equivalent moving distance in the direction of the coordinate response corresponding to each pulse, thus the work piece can be processed to the required contour shape.
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