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What are the unique advantages of hybrid bearings

Apr 25, 2017

What are the unique advantages of hybrid bearings

Set the dynamic pressure oil wedge in the oil cavity of the hydrostatic bearing, static pressure can have axial float in the static state, can produce large dynamic pressure by rotating, has both static and dynamic pressure characteristics, can further improve the bearing capacity and anti-vibration.

High precision: oil film has a very strong homogenization, can effectively reduce the processing tolerance on the accuracy of motion.

High stiffness: oil film has a very strong rigidity, its bending strength often much higher than the spindle itself.

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Long life: pure liquid lubrication, unlimited life in theory, if there’s a reasonable design and normal supply of oil, it can be used for decades without wear.

High bearing capacity: static pressure, static and dynamic pressure bearing can be competent for all kinds of machine tools of high power and full load cutting, can withstand the impact of external forces.

Good vibration resistance: oil film has a strong vibration absorption, can weaken the influence of external vibration.

In addition, the bearing has the advantages of high rotating precision, high oil film rigidity, oil film vibration damping, etc. but a special high pressure oil tank is needed.

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