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What are the technical features and application range of internal grinding?

May 19, 2017

Compared with cylindrical grinding, the machining condition of internal grinding is relatively poor, and there are some characteristics of internal grinding:
(1) the diameter of the grinding wheel is limited by the machining aperture, and the diameter of the grinding wheel is smaller. The grinding wheel is easy to be dull and needs regular trimming and replacement. It increases the auxiliary time and reduces the productivity.
(2) the diameter of the grinding wheel is small. Even if the grinding wheel rotation speed is up to tens thousands r/min, it is very difficult to reach the circumference speed of 25~30m/s. Because of the low grinding speed, the internal grinding efficiency is lower than that of the cylindrical grinding.

MS-3 semi-automatic  CNC  CNC gear deep hole internal grinder.jpg

(3) the diameter of the grinding wheel shaft is smaller, and the overhang is longer, the rigidity is poor, and the bending and vibration are easy to occur when grinding, thus affecting the machining accuracy and surface roughness. The internal grinding accuracy is up to IT8~IT6, and the surface roughness can reach Ra 0.8~0.2 mu m.
(4) the cutting fluid is not easy to enter into the grinding area, and compared with cylindrical girnding, the grinding debris eliminates more difficult.

MS-2  deep hole internal grinding machine.jpg

Although the condition of internal grinding is worse than cylindrical grinding, it is still a common method of finishing holes. Particularly suitable for hardened holes, intermittent surface holes (with keyway or flower keyway holes) and shorter length of precision hole processing. The grinding hole not only can guarantee the dimension precision and the surface quality of the hole itself, but also can improve the position precision of the hole and the straightness of the axis; with the same grinding wheel, the hole with different diameters can be grinded, it’s very flexible. Internal grinding can be used for grinding cylindrical holes (through holes, blind holes, gateway holes), taper holes and end faces of holes.
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