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What are the steps to be done in internal grinding machines?

May 23, 2017

(1) forbid overload and super performance use of machine equipment.
(2) according to the grinding length of the workpiece, the position of the stop block shall be adjusted and should to be tightened after that.
(3) the grinding wheel and the amount of grinding shall be selected according to the material of the workpiece.

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(4) check the grinding wheel before using it, if there is a crack in the grinding wheel, it can not be used.
(5) after installing the grinding wheel, perform static balance test, then idle for 3 to 5 minutes.
(6) when triming the grinding wheels, sharp diamond should be used to trim the grinding wheel, as well as the coolant, which is essential.
(7) the relative position between the spindle of the workpiece and the center line of the grinding tool must be adjusted. After the adjustment, the nut must be fastened.
(8) when the grinding wheel is close to the workpiece, it can not be motorized feed. The grinding wheel can not stop running when the workpiece is not left.
(9) the hydraulic pressure of the hydraulic system should be maintained well and stable during the operation of the equipment. It can not be changed at will.
(10) the fastening of the workpiece and the balance of the grinding wheel should be checked during the work. If it is loose, it should be fastened immediately.
(11) the workpiece can not be knocked and straightened on the guideways and machine tools.
(12) the equipment can not be checked and repaired, and it should be stopped and checked immediately if there is any abnormality.
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