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What are the machine tools that can be used to process external surfaces, internal holes, planes and grooves

Jul 09, 2020

The tools used for horizontal lathe machining are mainly lathe tools, which can turn internal and external cylindrical surfaces, rotating body forming surfaces and annular grooves, turning end surfaces and various threads, and can also drill, ream, ream, tap, thread And knurling. However, due to the long auxiliary time in processing and low productivity, it is only suitable for single-piece small batch production and repair workshops.

The grinder is a machine tool that uses abrasive tools as cutting tools. It can process internal and external cylindrical and conical surfaces, flat surfaces, involute tooth profiles, spiral surfaces, and various forming surfaces. It can also sharpen tools and cut off. .

Drilling machines are generally used for processing holes with small diameters and low precision requirements. Among them, vertical drilling machines are only suitable for processing holes on small and medium-sized workpieces. Radial drilling machines are used for processing large and medium workpiece holes.

The boring machine is mainly used to boring the holes cast or rough drilled on the workpiece with a boring tool. It is often used to process holes with large size and high accuracy requirements, especially on different surfaces. The requirements for hole spacing and position accuracy are very strict. Holes, such as various boxes, automobile engine cylinders, etc.

The milling machine can process planes, grooves (key grooves, T-slots, dovetail grooves), tooth grooves on multi-toothed parts, spiral surfaces and various curved surfaces. It can also process the surface and inner holes of rotary bodies and perform cutting work.

The planer is mainly used to process various planes and grooves. Due to the simple structure of the tool used, it is more economical to process complex-shaped surfaces under the conditions of single-piece small batch production, and the production preparation work saves time.

The broaching machine is a machine tool that is processed with a broach, and can process various shapes of through holes, flat surfaces and forming surfaces.