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What are the characteristics of the Fancheng method and the forming method for processing cylindrical gears?

Jul 03, 2020

To process gears by forming, it is required that the cutting edge shape of the tool used matches the shape of the cogging of the gear being cut.

For example: on a milling machine, use a disk or finger gear milling cutter to mill the gear, and on a planing machine or slotting machine, use a forming tool to cut or insert the gear.

Single gear forming tools are usually used to process gears. Its advantage is that the machine tool is simpler, and it can also be processed by general machine tools. The disadvantage is that for gears of the same modulus, as long as the number of teeth is different, the shape of the tooth profile is different, and different forming tools are required. In actual production, the processing accuracy is low and the production efficiency is also low.

The shape of the cutting edge of the tool used by Fan Chengfa to cut teeth is equivalent to the profile of the rack or gear. It has nothing to do with the number of teeth of the gear being cut. Therefore, for each module, only one tool can be used to process various gears of this number. The machining accuracy and productivity of this method are relatively high, so it is the most widely used in gear processing machine tools.