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What are the characteristics of CNC internal grinder?

Jan 27, 2018

Numerical control technology refers to the use of Numbers, words and symbols to form a digital command to achieve one or more mechanical equipment motion control technology.

CNC internal grinding machine is a kind of machine controlled by numerical control technology. It has the following nine characteristics.

1. CNC internal grinding machine is a two-axis vertical CNC inner circle, with one clip grinding inner hole, small end face and multi-step hole.

2. The grinding head of the machine tool is driven by the high power electric grinding head and the static frequency converter.

3. All guide rails are equipped with high-precision and anti-vibration Swiss schnber roller guide.

4. The machine control system adopts Siemens, and the feed shaft is driven by Siemens servo motor.

5. The spindle of the workpiece adopts high-precision and large contact with the angular ball bearing, the workpiece speed ac frequency conversion, stepless speed regulation.

6. The grinder guide and ball screw are automatically lubricated by the lubrication station.It has a sealed cover to protect it.

7. The machine can be equipped with pneumatic cylinder to be used as the power source of the multi-point circle positioning automatic fixture and various special jig.

8. The machine tool size control adopts the fixed distance grinding, which can be selected with the grating ruler closed-loop control.

9. The cooling liquid filter adopts the precision filtering device with magnetic and paper.