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What are the characteristics of CNC cylindrical grinding machines?

Jun 22, 2017

1 CNC internal grinding machine for two axis vertical CNC internal grinding machine tool, once clamping can grind bore, small end surface, multi step hole.
2 the machine internal grinding head uses high-power electric grinding head, and uses the static frequency converter to drive.
3,all of the guide rollers are the Swiss Shi Naibo roller guide with high precision and high vibration resistance.
4, CNC internal grinder machine control system using SIEMENS, feed shaft is driven by SIEMENS servo motor ball screw.

CNC grinder.png

                                                             CNC internal grinding machine

5 the workpiece spindle adopts high precision large contact pair corner bearing, workpiece speed AC frequency conversion, stepless speed regulation.
6. The machine tool guide roller and ball screw are lubricated automatically by lubrication station. And sealed shell protection.
7, machine tools can be equipped with the cylinder as the fixture, the power source multi-point pitch circle positioning basin tooth automatic fixture and all kinds of special fixture.
8 machine size control adopts fixed grinding, optional grating ruler closed loop control.
9, coolant filter using magnetic and paper precision filter.
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