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What are the attention matters in the operation of the electromagnetic chuck of grinding machines?

Jun 14, 2017

1. after turning off the power of the electromagnetic chuck, the workpiece and the electromagnetic chuck will still retain part of the magnetic. Since the workpiece contains residual magnetism, it is not easy to get it down. As long as we switch the switch to the demagnetization position, we can change the direction of the current in the coil several times, and remove the residual magnetism. And then the workpiece is easy to take down.

MK2120 Automatic measurement   CNC internal grinding machine.jpg

                                                  Internal grinding machine

2.To remove the large bottom work piece from the elextromagnetic sucker, and the remanence smooth surface adhesion force is very large, it’s very difficulty to take down the workpiece, according to the shape of the workpiece, we can first use the stick to pull the workpiece loose, and then remove the workpiece, Remember: do not drag,, prevent the surface of the working table and workpiece galling damage.
3. when the grinding workpiece is clamped, the workpiece positioning surface covers the insulation strip number as much as possible, and the magnetic suction can be fully utilized, and the small and thin workpiece should be placed in the insulating layer. Workpiece clamping and positioning high surface smaller, can be placed on the larger block of the workpiece around the block height can be slightly lower than the height of a workpiece, to avoid the work piece turnover caused by insufficient suction,and even the grinding wheel is broken.

4. grinder electric magnetic chuck table should be smooth, if the surface has nap, it should be dressed smooth with triangular stones or fine rubbers, and then use the metallographic rubber to polish, if the surface is used for a long time, there’re more scratch and fine grinding points in the surface, a grindingcan be done on the electromagnetic sucker table. During the grinding, the electromagnetic sucker should be powered on, to make it be in working state, Less grinding, general light can be, the amount of feed should be small, cooling liquid should be sufficient, so as to reduce deformation, grinding until the spark all disappeared. but the table should habe less grinding to prolong the service life.
5. after the end of the work, the suction cup table should be wiped clean, otherwise, the coolant through the surface of the small gap into the suction cup body, will cause damage to the coil moisture.
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