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What are the applications and features of the Universal internal cylindrical grinding machine and the main components?

Mar 21, 2019

Universal internal cylindrical grinding machine, it can be understood that this kind of internal grinding machine has a numerical control system, and it is a specific type of internal grinding machine. Therefore, it is necessary to familiarize with and understand this kind of internal grinding machine, so that it can make full use of this. The grinding machine is used for the purpose of use.


1.Application of CNC internal grinding machine

CNC internal grinding machine, which is used for grinding the inner hole and end face of large bearing ferrule parts, and has high production efficiency, because the whole grinding process can be completed automatically, and the operator only needs to carry out the workpiece. Disassembly and assembly, you can. In addition, it can be used to grind cylindrical and conical holes and to grind the outer and end faces.


2. Features of CNC internal grinding machine

(1) The working spindle and internal grinding head of this kind of grinding machine are all lubricated with oil mist, and the system has programming function, which is simple and convenient to operate and easy to master. It can meet some processing requirements of grinding and different parts. Processing requirements.

(2) It can be a vertical numerical control internal grinding machine for two-axis linkage, which can realize the processing of one-time clamping and grinding of inner holes, small end faces and multi-step holes.

(3) The grinding head can adopt high-power electric grinding head and drive with static inverter.

(4) The feed axis of the grinding machine can be driven by a servo motor to drive the ball screw. The working spindle can be used as a large contact diagonal bearing. The workpiece speed is AC frequency conversion to achieve stepless speed regulation.

(5) The guide rail and the ball screw can be automatically lubricated by the lubrication station and protected by the cover.


3. The structural composition and structural characteristics of the CNC internal grinding machine

The CNC internal grinding machine is composed of a base, a fixed block, a frame body, a liquid collecting chamber and a U-shaped groove. These are all very important components and cannot be omitted.


The structural characteristics of the CNC internal grinding machine are as follows:

(1) The shock-absorbing feet are arranged at the four corners below the base, and the shock-absorbing rubber pads are under the shock-absorbing feet to reduce the vibration of the machine.

(2) A water inlet is arranged above the water tank, and a sealing cover is arranged on the water inlet to ensure a good sealing performance of the water tank.

(3) The end of the sanding head close to the U-shaped groove is provided with two sets of built-in grooves that cooperate with the limiting block. In addition, there are four sets of extrusion blocks, and the angle between adjacent extrusion blocks is 90 degrees.