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What are the application characteristics of CNC internal grinding machine?

Nov 17, 2017

CNC internal grinder, which is the specific product combined with numerical control technology based on the internal grinder. Its main purpose is to grind and obtain desired processing results and finished products.
1. applications and scopes
The purpose of CNC internal grinder is to grind the inner hole and end face of the parts such as the basin gear and the large bearing ring, so as to ensure the good machining effect of the inner hole and the end face. It is used in the scope of application as follow:
Compressor: bearing, roll sleeve, piston.
Steering gear: gear, bearing, steering screw.
Transmission: gear, seal ring, electromagnetic valve seat.
Engine: Bush, roll sleeve, piston, nozzle, needle valve body.
Shock absorber: bearing, bushing, seat.

MK215  CNC Precision internal Grinding machine.jpg

2. Characteristics
(1) it is a horizontal NC inner circle for two axis linkage, so it can be used to grind the inner hole, the end face and the multi step hole by once clamping. On the grinding head, the high power electric grinding head is used, and the frequency converter is driven.
(2) the guide rail used in the grinder is a roller guide with excellent performance. In addition, in the machine tool control system, the servo motor is used to drive the ball screw rod, so that it can have good control effect.
(3) on the main spindle of the workpiece, the CNC Internal Grinder adopts a large contact angular corner bearing, the work piece rotation speed is controled by AC frequency conversion, and stepless speed regulation can be realized.
(4) the lubrication of the guide rail and the screw rod of the equipment is automatic lubrication, which can reduce the lubrication work. In addition, the shell is used to protect them against damage.
(5) the grinding method can be used in a certain range of grinding, so that it can be used in conjunction with closed loop control to achieve good grinding effect.