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What are the advantages of anti-collision internal grinding machine?

Jun 09, 2017

CNC Internal Grinder with the function of anti-collision has high maneuverability, easy for production management. And it has Chinese conversational interface which can be used for teaching, the workers even without experience can grasp.
CNC internal grinding machine with anti-collision function, built-in replacement machine type maintenance steps, the novice is also easy to maintain and replace.
CNC internal grinding machine with anti-collision function is more user-friendly, and can be networked production management system, automatic statistical data, to facilitate the enterprise's data statistics function.


                                         MK2120CNC internal grinding machine

CNC internal grinding machine with anti-collision function, using acoustic emission sensors and the machine itself anti-collision function, the occurrence of abnormal collisions, can respond quickly, reduce the accident rate, reduce personal safety and machine tool safety.
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