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What are some tips for grinding thin-wall work piece by CNC internal grinding machines?

Jun 13, 2017

When the NC grinding machine grinds the inner hole of the thin-wall workpiece, the work piece often deforms under the influence of clamping force, grinding force, internal stress and other factors.

1.,When the grinding machine is working, in order to reduce the influence of grinding force and heat, coarse grinding and fine grinding can be separated, the deformation of coarse grinding can be corrected in the fine grinding, the clamping force should take the minimum during the fine grinding, fully cooling during grinding, in order to reduce the thermal deformation of the workpiece.

2.Refers to the grinding wheel which grinds the inner bore of thin-wall sleeve work piece by internal grinding., its granularity should be thicker, the hardness should be softer, so as to improve the grinding line energy and self sharpening ability of the grinding wheel.

3. To improve the loading manners of internal grinder workpiece, in order to prevent the deformation under the clamping force of workpiece, marking the deformation in the clamping forece when the workpiece are in the three jaw chuck clamping, Though the inner hole has been rounded but when chuck loosen, the workpiece generated elastic deformation disappeared. The hole will become curved triangle, in order to prevent this phenomenon, cast iron expansion sleeves can be used, The wall thickness is about two times the thickness of the workpiece, and there is an axial groove. Because the expansion loose sleeve has a larger contact area with the workpiece, the clamping force of the workpiece will be evenly distributed, thus reducing deformation. If the amount of grinding is large, you can loosen the claw slightly at the final fine grinding, and then gently clamp back to restore the original shape before grinding.

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