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Use of od grinding machine and stable processing

Jul 01, 2019

How to use the od grinding machine

First, the whetstone of the od grinding machine disc is shaped and ground, and then the reference surface of the front of the punch grinder and the grinding disc are parallelized, so that the od grinding machine can be carried out in the center of the grinding disc during the grinding process.

Second, turn the homing handle of the od grinding machine to the lower right, open the pressing handle of the od grinding machine, and place the punch between the rotating roller and the pressure bearing. At this time, adjust the screw with the pressing handle to make The pressure bearing of the od grinding machine can hit the center of the punch. Then, the rear ejector pin and the front bezel are used to determine the front and rear length and position of the punch.

Third, under the pressure of the pressure spring, the punch of the od grinding machine will be in a state of depression. At this time, the push roller should be fixed to the protruding part of the od grinding machine and gently covered to make the punch stable. . If the push-pull diameter of the punch is re-grinded below the scale 10, the handle can be fixed without using the push roller of the od grinding machine.

4. When using the od grinding machine, rotate it clockwise with the left hand for hundreds of times. During the rotation process, the sharpening stone of the od grinding machine will contact the punch and gradually grind the workpiece. machining.