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Use and maintenance of CNC Vertical Internal Grinder linear guide

Apr 01, 2021

(1) Since the linear guide rail is a high-precision component, CNC Vertical Internal Grinder should be used in a clean environment, and corresponding protective measures should be taken to avoid the entry of dust and metal dust, which will affect the accuracy and service life of the product.

(2) CNC Vertical Internal Grinder should do a good job in the rust prevention and lubrication maintenance of the linear guide rail, clean it with kerosene regularly, and add new lubricating oil to avoid damage to the guide rail surface due to corrosion and lack of oil.

(3) Try to avoid disassembling the linear guide parts without authorization, so as to avoid the CNC Vertical Internal Grinder causing the steel balls in the guide rail slider to fall off and affect normal use.

(4) CNC Vertical Internal Grinder should be maintained regularly, and should be repaired in time if there is a failure to ensure that the machine is in good condition.

(5) If the parts and accessories of CNC Vertical Internal Grinder and the tools are damaged, they should be replaced with parts of the same specifications and performance, and the parts of the equipment supplier should be used as much as possible to ensure the performance and life of the machine tool.