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Transmission error compensation technology of CNC grinder machines

Jun 28, 2019

Backlash compensation, also known as backlash compensation, when changing the steering, due to the existence of backlash, the servo motor will be idling, and the table has no actual movement. It has a great influence on the machining accuracy of the machine and must be compensated. The CNC system adds backlash compensation to the position feedback program to calculate the feedback position to obtain the actual feedback position increment.

The equal-pitch pitch error compensation of the CNC grinder machines is equal to the interval between the compensation points. The equal-pitch pitch error compensation selects the machine tool reference point as the base point of compensation. The machine tool reference point is selected by the corresponding reference pulse provided by the feedback system. The correctness is one of the basic parameters of the machine tool. 

The degree of pitch error compensation is generally included in the position control program. When the CNC grinder machines control system calculates the coordinates of the current position of the workbench, the pitch error compensation program is called to realize the compensation of the feedback increment and the compensation of the position. After backlash compensation and equal pitch pitch error compensation, the precision of the CNC grinder machines is significantly improved.