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Tool and cutter grinders machine movement space and grinding wheel installation

May 08, 2019

The grinding wheel selected for the tool and cutter grinders must be able to withstand a peripheral speed of 2000 m/min or more. It is forbidden to use damaged wheels. The new wheel must be balanced on the flange. The grinding wheel needs to be idling for 5 minutes before the formal grinding. The grinding machine with a maximum feed rate of 800 mm or less is 0.03 mm, and the grinding machine with a diameter of 800 mm or more is 0.05 mm.

Before installing the grinding wheel on the tool and cutter grinders, make sure that the spindle rotates clockwise. When starting up, you must first open the spindle and then start flushing.

The tool and cutter grinders uses a hydraulic fluid with a viscosity of 46. The new machine needs to be replaced with hydraulic oil after three months of use, and then replaced once a year, and the tank must be cleaned. Check the hydraulic oil level every day and the oil level should be between the lowest and highest line. Before starting the hydraulic motor, make sure that the flow speed control lever is in the closed position. The magnetic pressure must be opened before opening the magnetic pressure.