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The working parameters and geometric accuracy of the end surface grinder

Dec 11, 2017

The end face grinding machine is a kind of high precision machining equipment for end face. It has high strength mechanical structure and stable precision in the process of use. When used in grinding machine widely used in seals, piston rings, cutting tools, car steering pump parts, compressor parts, engine parts, high precision bearings, hydraulic pneumatic components etc..
In the process of making the end surface grinding machine mainly uses high precision bearing, so that you can effectively guarantee the precision and rigidity of the machine tool equipment to a certain extent, pneumatic control can realize the light-heavy-light pressure, such three stage pressure adjusted and automatic conversion.

MD215A End surface  Double ended   Internal grinding machine.jpg

Touch screen control interface is very convenient and fast surface grinder in the process of use, diamond grinding diameterof the grinder is high effective and high precision, a trim ring is also equipped. The diameter of the diamond grinding disc is 570X170X57mm, the rotating speed of the grinding disc is 0 ~ 50r/min (frequency conversion stepless speed regulation).
Working parameters of end surface grinder
1. working ring inner diameter 180mm
 2. The number of working rings is 4 pieces
3. main motor power 5.5KW 380V
 4. auxiliary motor power 1.5KW 380V
5. machine tool size (length * width * height) 1200*900*2500
Geometric accuracy of end surface grinder
 1. grinding face runout: less than 0.003mm
 2. grinding plane degree: less than 0.003mm
 Working precision of end surface grinder
1. grinding workpiece flatness is less than 0.003mm