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The usage advantages and characteristic of the CNC internal grinder

Oct 08, 2017

The CNC internal grinder is mainly used for the component inner hole of the basin gear and large bearing ring. The equipment end face grinding can ensure the accuracy of the inner hole and the end face. The CNC internal grinder is a new generation of production type machine tool with high precision and efficiency.
The whole grinding cycle of the CNC internal grinding machineis finished automatically. The operator only needs to assemble and disassemble the work piece. The numeral-controlled internal grinder is used to grind the cylindrical holes, cone holes, outer circles and end faces. The work spindle, internal grinding head and externals grinding head all use the fog lubrication. The programming functions of the numeral-controlled internal grinder system is strong and the operation process is very simple to learn. And it has various functions of adjusting the grinding and processing the requirements, which can meet the processing requirements of various parts.  
The cnc internal grinder belongs to the two-axial continuous path control vertical numeral-controlled internal grinder. In the process of operation, grind the endoporus, small end face and multiple holes by clamping one time. The machine tool internal grinding head uses the high power electric grinding head and drive with the frequency converter.

Robotic arm compound grinders.jpg

Robotic arm compound grinders

All the guide ways of the cnc Grinder Machine use Switzerland Shi Naibo roller guide with high precision and high vibration resistance strength. The machine tool uses Siemens control system. The feed shaft drives the  ball screw by the Siemens servo motor.
The machine tool guideway and ball screw of the numeral-controlled internal grinder are self-lubricated by the lubrication station. It also has the hermetical shell for protection. The machine tool can be equipped with a cylinder.

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