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The types and uses of internal grinder

Apr 17, 2017

The types and uses of internal grinder

CNC internal grinding machine

Internal grinding machine is mainly used to process cylindrical hole, conical hole or other special shape of the inner surface and hole end surface of the work piece. There are usually two kinds of internal grinding: one is the rotation of both the work piece and the grinding wheel; the other is that the work piece does not rotate, grinding wheel does the planetary motion. The former is used for general hole machining, and the latter is usually used for the hole machining of large work pieces.

Its grinding wheel spindle’s overhang is very long, and does high-speed rotating. spindle bearings need high speed motor and ? life, aperture is difficult to measure at the time of internal grinder processing, we generally use automatic measuring instruments in rough grinding, semi fine grinding and fine grinding, can realize the spark measurement cycle control.

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