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The superiority of the super-finishing processing of the double-axis grinding machine

Jun 21, 2019

When the double-axis grinding machine performs super-finishing processing, the workpiece is in contact with the surface of the rough workpiece, the contact area is small, the pressure is large, the surface is smooth, the contact surface is gradually increased, the lubricating oil film is gradually formed, and finally the cutting is stopped. To a high polishing effect.


Compared to conventional grinding equipment, the two-axis grinding machine has good lubricating oil storage conditions and improves the wear resistance of the workpiece surface. The more complex abrasive trajectory, the workpiece surface achieves a higher finish in the transition from grinding to polishing. During the surface processing of the workpiece, the speed is low, the heat is small, the deformation is not performed, and the quality is high. Repeated vibration of the workpiece, the cutting method of the abrasive is constantly changing, the abrasive is easy to grind, and the cutting efficiency is high.


In addition to the above advantages, the double-axis grinding machine super-finishing workpiece also combines the characteristics of grinding and super-finishing processing. It only needs to change the grinding disc according to the needs during use to achieve satisfactory workpiece precision and improve the surface finish of the workpiece. High-productivity processing that extends the life of the workpiece.