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The structure and characteristics of the cylindrical grinding machine

Mar 06, 2019

The cylindrical grinding machine is composed of the bed body, the front end, the rear end, the grinding head and the driving dust collecting device. The front and the grinding head can be rotated, and the components such as the dynamic balance frame and the roller detector can be used. Choose according to your needs.

The characteristics of the cylindrical grinding machine is:

(1) Grinding wheel spindle bearing adopts tapered forming oil wedge dynamic pressure bearing, so the grinding wheel spindle can still have higher bearing rigidity at low speed.

(2) The wheel guide rail adopts the cross roller rigid guide rail, and the semi-automatic feed mechanism adopts the rotary oil cylinder.

(3) The tailstock shafting system has gap rigidity. The electrical box, hydraulic box and cooling box are separated from the machine tool, not a whole.

(4) The electrical part of the grinder can be programmed with a programmable controller and has a self-diagnostic function to facilitate the use and maintenance of the equipment. In addition, an automatic measuring instrument is also available.