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The selection of abrasives for cylindrical grinders Part I

Dec 18, 2019

The common production and processing equipment is cylindrical grinder, which is widely used. In the operation of the cylindrical grinder, the choice of abrasive is very important. Choosing the appropriate abrasive according to the different grinder has a great impact on the processing quality of the material and the service life of the grinder.

1. Selection of abrasive materials for cylindrical grinder: corundum grinding wheel is used for hardened or non-hardened steel rollers, while silicon carbide grinding wheels are used for chilled cast iron rolls, rubber rolls, copper rolls and granite rollers. For steel rollers of different materials, corundum grinding wheels should be selected in order to obtain higher grinding accuracy and surface quality. For example, chromium corundum (PA) grinding wheel is used for alloy steel rollers, zirconium corundum (ZA) grinding wheel is used for heat resistant alloy steel rolls, and single crystal corundum (SA) is used for stainless steel rolls.