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The secret to successfully triming the grinding wheel

Jun 17, 2017

The key factors to improve the grinding performance of the grinding wheel are good reshaping and truing (generally called trimming) tools and skilled trimming skills. For ultra hard abrasive wheels, two processes are performed separately. First, the wheels need to be reshaped. In the use of ultra hard abrasive grinding wheel, reshaping is to use plastic tools or roller to repair, often using a ceramic bond finishing rod, do the truing after the completion of the reshaping. Before the truing and trimming, it is important to ensure that the spindle bearings are at a certain temperature (such as the usual grinding state of the grinding wheel).

MD1332 Two grinding wheel    Multiple grinding wheels  cylindrical grinder  external grinder.jpg

                              Multiple grinding wheels  cylindrical grinder  external grinder

This prevents damage to parts geometry and abnormal wear of grinding wheels and dressing tools. The tools used for dressing must be handled with care because they are generally made of hard, wear-resistant, yet brittle diamond materials and are very sensitive to minor collisions, stresses, minor cracks, and breaks. Because the diamond shaper itself is a knife, it needs to be kept very sharp.

gring wheel.jpg

the grinding wheel

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