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The role and characteristics of deep hole grinding machine

Apr 02, 2019

The main frame of the deep hole grinding machine can also rotate the vertical axis to a certain angle to grind the cone hole. The workpiece is fixed on the planet. In addition to the rotation around the axis, the grinding wheel also realizes the circumferential feeding around the shaft machining hole, which is suitable for grinding large workpieces. Or do not rotate the workpiece as the body of the internal combustion engine.

The frame head of the deep hole grinding machine is mainly used to mount and clamp the workpiece and drive the workpiece to rotate. In a horizontal 90° reversible clock, the frame head rotates. Grinding of the grinding wheel spindle is used to support the grinding of the inner bore. The internal grinding wheel spindle is driven by a separate motor, and the deep hole grinding machine is used to support and operate the spindle of the high speed rotating wheel.

When the wheel frame is installed on the sliding saddle, when the surface of the short cone is polished, the wheel frame can be adjusted to a certain angle on the horizontal plane, ±30°, and the tail frame supports the workpiece together with the top. The sliding saddle and the infeed mechanism rotate the lateral handwheel. The cross feed mechanism can be used to drive the sliding saddle and sharpen the wheel carrier during the infeed motion.