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The reason for the ripple on the surface of the work piece machined by the cylindrical grinder?

Dec 27, 2019

1. The static balance of the grinding wheel is poor.

2. if the hardness of the grinding wheel is too high or the viscosity of the grinding wheel is uneven, the grinding wheel becomes blunt and the friction force between the grinding wheel and the work piece increases, which increases the periodic vibration of the work piece.

3. The spindle bush of the grinding wheel is worn, and the large spindle with clearance floats in the rotation, which makes the grinding wheel unbalanced and vibrates.

4. The contact between the cone hole of the flange of the grinding wheel and the cone end of the grinding wheel spindle is poor, which causes the grinding wheel to jump during grinding.

5. The motor of the grinding wheel frame vibrates, and the transmission belt is too tight, loose or inconsistent in length to produce vibration.

6. The motor balance of grinding wheel frame is poor.

7. The contact between the center hole and the tip of the work piece is bad.

8. The top of the work piece is not suitable, too tight makes the work piece rotate unevenly, and too loose reduces the rigidity of the system.