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The purpose of the internal grinder machines and its automatic loading and unloading function

Jun 24, 2019

The internal grinder machines has strong programming functions, simple and easy to learn operation, and has a variety of special functions that meet the requirements of grinding processing, which can be used for processing various parts. The internal grinder machinesr automatic loading and unloading device is provided with a servo motor on the mounting plate, and the driving screw on the servo motor drives the screw movement on the mounting plate to move the silk nut on the lead screw to drive the sliding on the silk nut. The table moves back and forth on the mounting plate.

The rotation of the servo motor is turned into the forward and backward movement of the sliding table relative to the chuck of the machine tool, and the rotating device disposed on the sliding table is driven by the driving motor to drive the output shaft to rotate, so as to drive the feeding arm mounted on the output shaft to rotate. In the process of grinding, the internal grinder machines fully automatic feeding and unloading, reducing the labor of the operator and improving the production efficiency. The structure is simple, the cost is low, and the output process is smooth.