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The meaning of grinder model

Aug 12, 2020

There are many types of grinders. According to the GB/T15375-1994 grinder class, group, and department classification table, the types of grinders in my country are divided into three categories.

The first category is a general grinder, which is represented by the letter M and is pronounced "grinding".

The second category is super-finishing machine tools, polishing machine tools, and abrasive belt polishing machines, represented by 2M.

The third category is bearing ring, ball, blade grinder, which is represented by 3M.

Gear grinders and thread grinders are denoted by Y and S respectively, and are pronounced as "teeth" and "wire".

The first type of grinder is divided into the following groups according to the processing:

0-instrument grinder;

1- Cylindrical grinding machine (such as M1 432A, MBS1 332A, MM1420, M1020, MG10200, etc.);

2- Internal grinder (such as M2110A, MGD2110, etc.);

3-Grinding machine;

4- Grinding machine, honing machine;

5-rail grinder;

6-- Tool sharpening machine (M6025A, M6110, etc.);

7-Plane and end surface grinders (such as M71 20A, MG7132, M7332A, M7475B, etc.)

8-- Crankshaft, camshaft, spline shaft and roll shaft grinder (such as M8240A, M8312, M8612A, MG8425, etc.);

9-Tool grinder (such as MK9017, MG9019, etc.).