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The main characteristics of CNC internal grinding machine.

Feb 02, 2018

The whole grinding cycle of machine tool is completed automatically, and the operator can only install and dismantle the work piece.CNC internal grinding machine is used for grinding cylindrical and tapered holes, and also grinding outer circle and end surface.Working spindle, internal grinding head and external grinding head are all lubricated by oil mist.

Biaxial linkage CNC internal grinder for vertical CNC internal circle, a clamping grinding inner hole, small face, multistage aperture, within the machine tool grinding head adopts high-power electric grinding head, adopts static frequency converter drive, all the guide rail, Switzerland with high accuracy and high vibration resistance to bo shi roller guide rail, machine tool control system adopts Siemens, feed servo motor driven ball screw shaft by Siemens, workpiece spindle big contact pairs corner bearing with high precision, ac frequency conversion speed of workpiece, stepless speed regulation, the machine tool guide rail and ball screw by lubrication station automatic lubrication.It has a sealed cover to protect it.In the process of production, if something goes wrong, stop immediately, find out the cause and eliminate the hidden trouble.When the brakes are broken, it is strictly forbidden to drive, and the safety board must be added to protect the car from the accident.

CNC internal grinder by perfectly on the first frame spindle chuck clamping workpiece circular week for sports, workbench drives the grinding wheel rack along the lathe bed guide rail (see machine tool guideway) as a vertical reciprocating motion, head along the sliding saddle on transverse feed movement (see machine);Heads but also around the vertical axis grinding cone hole, to a certain Angle to the planet workpiece stationary at work, grinding wheel except itself axis high speed rotate around the axis of rotation of the hole processed, also to realize circular week, it is suitable for grinding large workpiece or unfavorable rotate artifacts such as internal combustion engine cylinder block, etc.