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The internal grinder can be automatic feeding and cutting

Jun 03, 2017

Internal grinding machine is a kind of common processing equipment. It can not only grind the workpiece surface, but also do the groove and surface machining of the workpiece. In the prior art, internal grinder does not automatically feeding and baiting before and after the processing, including the operator manual loading and unloading work, therefore, not only increases the labor quantity, but also reduce the production efficiency, and the influence of the workpiece positioning and processing quality. Therefore, the internal grinding machine needs automatic feeding and cutting. It can automatically load and cut materials during the grinding process, reduce the amount of labor and improve the production efficiency.

Therefore, the design of internal grinding machine automatic feeding and unloading, with robot hand to complete automatic feeding and unloading, automatic detection, as follows


The internal grinding machine realizes automatic feeding and blanking during the grinding process, reduces the labor amount of the operator and improves the production efficiency. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, low cost and fluent output flow.

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