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the internal grinder

Aug 15, 2017

In accordance with the requirements,internal grinder can be effectively divided into universal and general internal grinder, the former is the most widely used one,the internal cylindricity and stepped end surface of various shaft and sleeve type work pieces can be grinded in internal grinder.
The main parts of the internal grinder is bed, this part is the basis of supporting equipment, wheel rack,head frame, table, tailstock and transverse saddle and other components will be equipped in the above. so that to make these parts available to keep its relative position accurately in the processing.
Internal space of the grinder bed is mainly used for hydraulic oil pool, the head frame is used for the installation and clamping of the workpiece, as well as driving its rotation, the head frame can turn 90 degrees counterclockwise in the horizontal plane, internal grinding tool is used for supporting the grinding wheel spindle, internal grinder spindle is driven by single motor.
In the processing of the internal grinder, the feeding and compensation is mainly implemented by two independent driving mechanism, this system has the function of range grinding, adopting manual or hydraulic such two feeding mode, the machine is equipped with jumping mechanism, so it no need to reset the tool after exiting the grinding wheel for measurements or dressing the grinding wheel.
Stop device is arranged in the rewind of the internal grinder worktable, rewind distance can be effectively adjusted in accordance with the requirements, it can reduce the auxiliary time in a certain extent,the start handle has a safety interlock device,to ensure the safety of handling and measurement work
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