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The Importance of Online Dynamic Balance of Grinding Wheels in the Process of Producing Grinding Machine

May 09, 2019

The grinder is an indispensable machine tool for precision machining. In order to meet the needs of increasingly precise working accuracy and the goal of high efficiency and low cost, the global grinder manufacturing industry is making unremitting efforts to improve the geometric accuracy, rigidity and performance stability of machine tools. 

It is of great significance to install the on-line dynamic balance of grinding wheel in the process of production.

Firstly,it can increase the grinding accuracy and surface finish of the product. A vibrating grinding wheel can not grind a good product, only to minimize the vibration of the grinding wheel, in order to make a good surface finish, and has a good precision of the product. The on-line dynamic balance of grinding wheel can supervise the vibration value of product at all times in the work, can automatically alarm when the vibration exceeds the standard, and through simple intervention,even if it can complete the automatic detection and adjustment, So that the grinding wheel is always in the state of minimal vibration.

Second, it can save processing time. When the grinding wheel is in an unbalanced working state, the quality of the product is not good, so we must constantly monitor the dynamic balance of the grinding wheel.

Once the jump value of the grinding wheel exceeds the allowable value, we must remove the grinding wheel and balance it manually in the absence of dynamic balance. For a skilled worker, such a process also take 15 to 20 minutes. If the automatic grinding wheel on-line dynamic balancing system is used, we can complete such a process in only half a minute, thus saving a lot of time. It has greatly improved the work efficiency. 

Thirdly, the dependence on skilled workers has been greatly reduced. At present, workers are a very unstable factor in every factory, and a skilled worker is often missed and pried away by his peers. In the past, a skilled worker who could do static balance took a long time to train, and with this system, we did not have any technical dependence on dynamic balance. As long as he can feed and cut the product, he can finish the work. As a result, people can be better recruited, and the stability of employees no longer have to worry about.