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The future development trend of vertical CNC internal and external cylindrical composite grinding machines

Jul 12, 2019

The vertical CNC internal and external cylindrical composite grinding machine is a variety that has been developed and developed rapidly in recent years. It is mainly developed for the problem that the medium and large cylindrical and conical workpieces can not be clamped on the horizontal cylindrical grinding machine at one time. Mainly based on the round table, there are different grinding heads around. The main structure has a turret-type column that can rotate 360°, and the grinding head is installed on different faces of the turret. This structure is relatively compact, but it is difficult to manufacture. In addition, there is a column that is integrally cast and integrated into the beam, which has good rigidity and is advantageous for improving the machining accuracy, and is suitable for use in a medium-sized machine tool. Some adopt the vertical axis double-column gantry structure, and the beam is equipped with a carriage and a grinding head, which is generally suitable for large machine tools.

Vertical CNC internal and external circular grinding machines are high-tech machine tools with high technical content. In response to the needs of users, it conforms to the development trend of “high speed, compound, intelligent and environmental protection” of the world's machine tool industry, and is suitable for multi-variety small batch, variable variety and batch production methods. The grinding machine can complete the composite grinding of the inner circle, the outer circle, the end surface and the cone surface of the part by one clamping. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision and convenient operation. The combination of the machine tool is strong, and the ATC grinding wheel library can be installed. , APC exchange workbench, AMS automatic measurement system and manipulator and other functional components, easy to achieve automated production. At the same time, due to the small clamping force of the vertical arrangement, the fixture is relatively simple, the floor space is small, and the purchase cost of the equipment is saved. Vertical CNC internal and external cylindrical composite grinding machines are suitable for grinding and processing discs, short shafts, sleeves and other parts with small aspect ratio, especially suitable for auto parts, gear processing, bearings and other industries. Parts Processing. It can be widely used for multi-batch, multi-variety and multi-standard finishing grinding of cylindrical, conical, ball bearing, outer ring, raceway and end surface; it is also suitable for gears, sleeves and other parts. High precision grinding.

According to the needs of users, the specifications of vertical CNC internal and external cylindrical grinding machines have developed to two sizes, and the machine tools with diameters of φ2.5?m, φ3?m, φ4?m and even φ5?m have been developed. The development of small-size machine tools is restricted by market factors. The research shows that the user's existing process tools and equipment can basically meet the current user requirements for workpiece accuracy and efficiency, and the demand for small-sized composite grinding machines is not urgent. Therefore, it is difficult to replace the horizontal end grinding machine. The advantages of CNC internal and external cylindrical composite grinding machines are not reflected on small workpieces. In contrast, the high selling price of composite grinding machines is not attractive to users. From the perspective of foreign composite grinding machines, they are basically large-scale machine tools. However, from a development point of view, small vertical CNC internal and external cylindrical composite grinding machines have potential market demand. Once the existing processing equipment cannot meet the standard requirements, it is urgent to replace the old equipment with new equipment. If alternatives are achieved, the market potential is immeasurable. If the new equipment can greatly improve the grinding efficiency, even if the price is relatively high, it will be very competitive.