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The characteristics and selection principle of CNC surface grinders

Apr 04, 2019

CNC surface grinders are suitable for the machining of complex shaped parts, while also enabling computer control to eliminate human error. Accuracy compensation and optimal control can be achieved by computer software. The machining center, turning center, grinding center, and electric machining center have the functions of tool magazine and tool change, which reduces the number of clamping and improves the machining accuracy.

Due to the increased flexibility of CNC surface grinders, this flexible machining is not only suitable for multi-variety, medium and small batch production but also for mass production, and can alternately process two or more different parts, adding automatic Transform the function of the workpiece to achieve unattended operation at night. The flexible manufacturing system consisting of several CNC machine tools has a more flexible automated manufacturing system, including machining, assembly and inspection.

When choosing a CNC surface grinders, the first thing to consider is the practicality. It is clear which CNC surface grinders is used to solve which one or which problems in production. Secondly, it is economical, that is, the cost of the selected CNC surface grinders that meets the processing requirements is the most economical or reasonable. In addition, do not neglect the operability and stability of the CNC surface grinders.