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The characteristics and operation process of cnc tool grinder

Jun 03, 2019

Cnc tool grinder features

First, the cnc tool grinder adopts a fully enclosed structure, no external device, built-in cutting fluid cooling circulation device and oil mist recovery device.

Second, the feed axis is directly connected by the unit motor through the high-precision gapless coupling and the precision ball screw pair, and there is no north gap error.

Third, the guide rails all adopt precision ball linear guides, which are characterized by high precision and long service life.

Fourth, the guide rail and the ball screw pair adopt a fully automatic timing quantitative lubrication system.

Fifth, the cnc tool grinder adopts six-axis CNC numerical control automatic control.

Safe operation and procedures

1. Before the tool grinder starts, lubricate all parts of the machine tool, check whether the mechanical transmission is normal, whether the switch button is reliable, and ensure that the grinding wheel is intact and not damaged.

Second, start the grinding wheel to the normal processing speed by jogging, and idle for five minutes.

Third, should pay attention when installing the grinding wheel.